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Old news stories that we didn't want to keep but didn't want to throw away either.

New Short Film From Anjax Studios
March 29, 2016

Anjax Studios, a subsidiary of has released it's first major motion picture recently: "One More Word On Undertale". This high class and critical look at gaming communities has been called "Incendiary" and "The best thing ever" by countless critics and for that reason you should totaly watch it because at time of writing it only has like 150 views and I want it to get more.

Donald Trumpet Vows to make Ska Music Great Again
February 2, 2016

Amid Iowa caucus results, Republican candidate Donald Trumpet has decied to expand his reach into the arts by vowing torestore intrest in the long forgotten Ska genre of music.

Opponants of Mr. Trumpet argue that Ska isn't that great of a genre and that "everybody already plays guitar".