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Yogurt is the head writer and webmaster of He wrote almost all of the HTML/CSS used while bored during his classes. He claims that he doesn't watch anime but goes on and on about Cowboy Bebop and FLCL all the time, much to the annoyance of his friends. He also wears headphones every hour of the day, no matter what is happening around him.

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Caleeb the Weeb

Contributing Editor

CALEEB THE WEEB was born within a frozen cave in the arctic wastelands. Soon after creation CALEEB abandoned his family. Without a family CALEEB took a family of wolves in as his own. For the next ten years CALEEB lived a life of solitude in the frozen land of Alaska, his only contact with his fellow man being the check given to him for living in Alaska. After the family of wolves grew up CALEEB released them into human society. Today many of those wolves lead productive lives and few actually realise they are wolves. CALEEB then moved to the other frozen wasteland known more commonly as Wisconsin. CALEEB makes a living writing exaggerated obituaries for people of all walks of life.

Randolph the Grey

Bureau Chief Editor

Randolph was born to a poor family in the beautiful land of Heck. In Heck Randolph learned to read, write, spit hot rhymes, and perform dark rituals from the friendly demons. This is how the early portion of Randolph’s life carried out. This all changed however when the Y2k bug caused a portal to Heck to open and many of the demons, and Randolph to escape. Randolph was separated by his family and forced to fight to survive. Randolph continued to learn and soon was able to summon el diablo himself for a chat. Randolph begged to give his soul to el diablo, but rolled a natural 1. This caused el diablo to sell his soul to Randolph. Randolph was forced to take up the most abominable of practices to get by; writing. Today Randolph splits his time writing for, and building robot war machines for his evil army someday hoping to go back to his native lands a hero.

Bruce Stalin

Chief thing doer

Bruce Stalin was born in the Collective Universal Communist Kingdom (CUCK). There he grew up to a moderately rich family. At the age of 12, Bruce took a train to the nearby empire of the sun. It was there tragedy stuck. The Orbital Friendship Cannon misfired and destroyed his homeland. Alone without a nation, Bruce was forced to learn to write in equestria, which shares its roots with binary. Bruce made friends with prominent people in all fields, from social to economic to political. This allowed him to rise to power and gain a following of fanatical followers. This raised the concern of Emperor Celesteria. Emperor Celesteria attempted to force Bruce into tartarus with the rest of her problems, but with the help of his followers he resisted. Bruce was then accidently sent to our world. Bruce doesn’t know what happened to his followers, but one can assume the worst. Bruce now makes a living writing propaganda for his movement known as the Friendship and Happiness Committee.



Born in the harsh swamps of the Johto region Swagsire turned to the mob to survive and started as small time Loan sire to local trainers and made sure payments arrived on time or knees would be capped. After moving his way up to Quag boss of his local mob and expanding his influence throughout the region. Looking for new expansion opportunities he moved to Chicago to expand the Quag gang to America. New to the area he looked for people that could assist him in getting proper recognition. When he turned to the mainstream media for help they turned him down and looked elsewhere till he stumbled upon a Yogurt with a plan to launch a news site outside of the media’s reach. After supporting the Yogurt with launching his news site he decided to leave the mob business behind and become an editor and writer for

Khris P. Khreme

Writer and Picture editor sometimes

Baked in an oven at 375°F for 20 minutes and then set to cool for 10, Khris P. Khreme was born on July 13, 1937. Khris P. Kreme had a rough life in the donut shop where he sat all day and waited to get picked, although he never did. One day he decided to leave that god forsaken place and set off on his own adventure. He rolled through the city streets of Chicago for days on end trying to find a home. Eventually, a morbidly obese woman picked him up and took him home to be eaten. In a quick decision to take action, Mr. Khreme freed himself from the giant’s grip and started rolling. It took a lot of effort but he eventually outran the giant’s motorised scooter and slipped into a dark alley. Within the dark alley, lived a yogurt. This yogurt was a curious fellow but proved himself trustworthy. The Yogurt and The Khreme decided to team up and create shitty news articles on a sketchy website. Well, there you go

Please do not take any of the information on this site seriously.

It's a joke, and if you can't see that then so are you.